Heritage | Mitchell Farm
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The Mitchell Farm traces its origins in America to Henry Cook, who began farming near Salem, MA in 1638. The Mitchell family has been farming at its present location in Geneseo, Iowa for 5 generations. But heritage is not about lineage, it is not something granted at the beginning of life. It persists in faithful work and is earned, fully and finally, at the end. Heritage of any value has as an essential element improvement; never nostalgic, it does not imitate.

Planting must be done on time. It is with urgency, and that urgency isn’t arrived at merely through analysis, though analysis is done and great fortunes are being spent on technologies to guide the best timing for planting. Planting must be done on time became a moral imperative many centuries ago by farmers who learned from experience that planting must be done on time. In all aspects of farming we seek continuous improvement to our values and traditions.